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Sara Epstein Photography

Sara Epstein photography
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Sara Epstein is a London-based photographer who specialises in capturing the essence of people's stories through her camera lens. With 20 years of experience, Sara has had the privilege of working with various organisations, photographing individuals in diverse situations.

Sara's photography style is characterised by its gentle and honest approach, ensuring that her subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera always approaching her subjects with empathy to create a relaxed atmosphere so as to skilfully craft visual narratives that truly reflect the essence of her clients' stories.

In addition to her photography work, Sara has expanded into the realm of filmmaking and editing. She creates compelling short films for clients, utilising her interviewing and editing skills to bring their stories to life.

Sociable, creative, and with a passion for travel, Sara's chosen career perfectly aligns with her natural characteristics. Her ability to connect with people, combined with her artistic vision, allows her to capture the unique essence of individuals, businesses, and charities through her portraiture and reportage photography.

If you're looking to tell your story through captivating visuals, please contact Sara to discuss how she can help bring your vision to life


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TK International


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The Independent Newspaper, Rough Guide to Thailand


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