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After Zoom and phone calls I finally met Michelle & Daniel in person, for our pre-wedding meeting at The Waldorf, to hear their plans for their Jewish wedding at this striking London venue. Walking around with them and as they told me about all their ideas for their Waldorf wedding, I knew this was going to be an amazing day - and it did not disappoint!

Our day started with Dana photographing Daniel and the boys, at 'The Tish' – a Jewish tradition, when the groom signs a 'contract' with the rabbi and drinks whisky (to calm his nerves). Meanwhile, I was photographing Michelle in her room surrounded by her mum, sisters and their young children. Michelle's dress was fully glamorous and the perfect choice in style and glamour. Jewish Mean Time (JMT) really is a thing, where life always seems to just run late, but Michelle looking stunning, was completely calm while she waited for the delayed ceremony to start.


This wedding ceremony was held in the historic Palm Court, which you may recognise from the Ballroom scene in Titanic. This Jewish ceremony had the added touch of a Gospel choir, singing some of the prayers, which kept all 180 guests captivated. Daniel and his groomsmen looked dapper in their suits and Michelle glowed, as he lifted her veil to check it was really her. This was a perfect ceremony, modern mixed with traditional customs and so full of love and smiles.


Whist the guests enjoyed some canapés Dana, myself and the Video guys took this lovely couple outside for some street photography. Choosing a venue is so personal, so I want to make sure we capture the environment, not just inside but outside too. Have you ever noticed how friendly London feels when you are out with a bride and groom? Maybe not but I have!! Passers-by stop and say congratulations, cars slow down to let you pass and shout lovely comments. It's proof we may have a reputation for being hostile but us Londoners are still romantics at heart! Might be worth walking around in your wedding gear if you haven't tried it yet ;) I have worked with Rick & Nick from Your wedding Films before and they have the same relaxed approach as me - we want the couple to enjoy being filmed and photographed. Nick & Rick filmed around us (you can see their film version below) as we photographed them outside the hotel using the London backdrop, including a London bus, finishing with some photographs of the two of them around the Waldorf Hotel bar and grand piano as Daniel had asked for.


We returned to their guests before being called in for the wedding breakfast in the Adelphi suite, which was set up for the most incredible party. The guests took their places, the huge doors opened and the couple danced in to confetti bombs. Between courses there was Israeli dancing and different customs influenced from each side of the family, a Moroccan henna ceremony and Syrian music. Some traditions I had seen before but some were new to me, and we loved capturing it all, the colour, the joy and atmosphere of it all. All of this was held together by the amazing "Totem Band". Live wedding music at it's best, with a selection of live musicians, dancers and singers who took this party to a whole new level.

Both Michelle and Daniel have large families, who came from around the world and different areas of the UK to celebrate this lovely couples wedding day. Michelle and Daniel, the warmth your family showed us was wonderful, it was a privilege to photograph such a wonderful day. We left at midnight with the videographers, walking down Aldwych, singing and buzzing from this brilliant party.

Sara x

The amazing suppliers from the wedding day:

Venue - The Waldorf Hotel Dress - Justin Alexander (brand)/Bellamore Bexleyheath

Make up - Ayele Videographer - Your Wedding Films

Band -Totem Superstars Henna Ceremony - Harifa Henna Events

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