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Alexandra Palace | Dance Photography

This is my 4th year photographing Luc and if you have seen my previous posts you will know that I have been photographing him annually since he was 12 years old, when he first became a full time student at The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge.

He is so talented and works so hard. You may be shocked to learn that the above photograph above of him jumping/flying through the London skyline did not take one shot :)

Luc has incredible commitment and obviously I feel immense pressure to get the photographs just right. There have been plenty of photographs that I loved but ended up on 'the cutting room floor' as Luc because his toes are not turned out exactly right or his foot isn't quite touching the top of his head as he jumps my whole height into the air! I love the way he looks like he is drifting upwards towards the light. Here are some of the ones that made it to the final edit...

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