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Ballet photographs in Coldfall Woods | Luc age 14

It has been 16 months since I first took ballet photographs of Luc at Fanhams Hall hotel and this time he agreed to brave the cold weather to take some photographs at East Finchleys Coldfall Woods. Now at the age of 14 and into his 3rd year at The Royal Ballet School, White Lodge, the change in him is profound.

Last year he so impressed me, the way he jumped and held positions for my camera, but this year he has developed strength and even more grace. What a stunning time of year to take photographs amongst the fallen leaves and late autumn colours and what a privilege for me to photograph Luc as he became part of the beautiful woods.

Here are a few from our dance photography shoot.

#FanhmasHallHotel #Dancephotography #Balletphotography

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