I started out as a photography assistant in editorial magazines and after traveling for a few years I went into travel photography. I actually met my husband in Tokyo where we returned to live and work for a couple of years together so I could work on a photography project that I eventually exhibited in London's Yo Sushi! and had my photographs published in magazines, Sunday supplements  and travel books.


It was when I was back living in the UK, I was asked to photograph a friends wedding. I was terrified but when they told me to ‘enjoy it and just capture the day', I actually did! It was then that I realised how much I enjoyed taking informal and relaxed wedding photographs.

It really is an honour to be allowed into peoples lives at these precious moments and feel trusted that I will capture this amazing event along side all the people you care about.  I want to record this story for you to look back on forever in a creative and documentary style, not too different from my travel photography!


Occasionally I get to travel again with weddings abroad and around the UK and in rare moments when I find time,

I continue to take photographs for my own personal projects.


Please take a look at my website gallery & blog to see some examples of these photographs.  If you like what you see and want to hear more then please feel free to call me on 07956 602777 or use my contact form to let me know more about your plans and what you want from your photographer.

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