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Engagement photographs are informal, creative & intimate photographs at a place of your choosing.


It's a great way for us to get to know each other better before the big day. If having your photograph taken is not something you enjoy, then this could make you feel more relaxed on your wedding day and I promise - you will enjoy it!!

We can meet somewhere that's personal to you both or somewhere we just 'Googled' and think looks pretty. It can be rural or urban, whichever you prefer, but I do recommend it's outdoors.


I will take lots of creatively composed photographs so you have a selection of personal and unique images as a memory of the photoshoot. I make sure it's fun! Some couples use the photographs as wedding table decorations, or for a signing board - it's totally up to you!


"We viewed the photo's which I have to say have surpassed our expectations and both Chet and I agree that asking you to be our photographer was one of the best moves me made!"

Maya & Chet

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